Thursday, 26 February 2015

Coursework blog posts

How is representation of gender or age constructed in an opening sequence in your genre? This should be a detailed analytical post of one opening sequence referring to stereotyping.

How is sound used in an opening sequence of your choice. Just focus on the use of diegetic and non-diegetic sound. This is useful research that can help you reflect on how best to deploy sound in your own sequence.

Audience feedback
Analyse and present audience feedback from the screening of your rough cut.

Reminder to complete your other INDIVIDUAL blog posts on

a) Production credits
b) Audience feedback analysis
c) Who would distribute your film?
d) Define distribution
e) Art of the title

GROUP posts:
d) progress and issues faced in post-production
e)  progress in creating your own title sequence

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

This week

From your self-assessment exercise you know which areas you need to blog, here is a reminder.

1) PRODUCTION CREDITS*- write a blog posting of the order that production credits tend to run.
 2) ART OF THE TITLE SEQUENCE - How does the title sequence relate to the genre,  how do they relate to the film's content and style?  Embed some examples on your blog that particularly inspire you  on your INDIVIDUAL blog and some on your GRP blog too.  I showed you some credit analysis best practise from last year so now its your turn.
see this excellent resource

*You could use wikipedia to help you to work out what credits should be shown and in what order...

3) INSTITUTION -Who might distribute your film? - some info about companies and discussion around your choices. As noted in the lesson this question relates to your evaluation question.
You've all completed the AUDIENCE research so this week is the time to publish that blog. 

4) PLANNING. Place storyboard and/or ANIMATIC on Group Blog.
    Carry out a RISK ASSESSMENT for your next day's shoot.

5) RESEARCH - as Pete Fraser advised on his blog- make your research focused and relevant.

He writes "Research needs to cover film conventions- how is an opening established in terms of story, genre, location, character, camerawork?- but also institutions- which personnel, jobs and organisations are credited in those opening two minutes and in what order and why?- and the audience- all media texts are specifically targeted at particular audiences and you need to consider how this is done and who that audience is."
For the Genre blog post try

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Homework on Camera Movement

The sheet is hosted on SCRIBD - you should be able to download it for free.

There you will also find the sheets telling you how to add labels to your blog etc.

HOMEWORK: Due date THURSDAY 9th October 2014
1. Complete sheet to the best of your ability on your blog, embedding video and paying attention to explaining the meaning or effect of the camera movement - naming movement (called technical code) isn't enough to get the grades - it's all about WHY a shot has been used, the effect on the audience.

How to add labels?  TRY HERE

Welcome to the Yr12 Practical Foundation blog for 2014-15

Yes, this is the blog for your course. The unit you are studying for is called 'Foundation Portfolio', is worth 100 marks in total (50%) and is coursework which you complete entirely on your blogs. You will soon see the links to your blogs appear down the left hand side, labels to find posts will appear on the right.

For now, you need to use the knowledge you've been given to post the homework online.
If you've forgotten, google 'how to...' or use any of the guides we've written to help you.

You should try to LABEL your work. This requires two steps - adding a label gadget (in the 'layout' menu) AND adding labels to your posts - look on the right hand side when you're writing your text in the post box.

The sheets are linked on a separate post. Good luck :)